The Wugushi started off as the martial arts practiced by a minority race who inhabited the rural areas of the Kingdom. The Kingdom began to acknowledge their arts and assimilated them into their ranks during the time of King Melkhiel. The Wugushispecialize in using various poisons to attack or bewitch enemies.


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Unlock Full Level Skills Single Level Skills
Lvl 1
File:ICO Wugong Gu.png
Wugong Gu
File:ICO Zhendu.png
File:ICO Latent Venom.png
Latent Venom
File:ICO Poison Pot.png
Poison Pot
File:ICO Detoxify.png
Lvl 16
File:ICO Jincan Gu.png
Jincan Gu
File:ICO Wide Miasma.png
Wide Miasma
Lvl 31
File:ICO Crescendo Bane.png
Crescendo Bane

The following skills were removed from Wugushi.


Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Wugushi - Poison Reserve Base lvl 100 50 • Decreases Poison Pot cost by 1% per attribute level when using a Wugushi skill​.

Poison Pot cost reduced by 50% when maxed​

Zhendu - Decreased Poison Resistance Base lvl 200 5 • Reduces the Poison property resistance of enemies within a range of 150 by 10% per attribute level when [Zhendu] is used.

Poison property resistance reduced by 50% when maxed​

Increases SP consumption by 50%​

Detoxify - Level 3 Base lvl 300 1 • Allows [Detoxify] to cure Poison debuffs up to Lv 3.

Increases SP consumption by 100%​

Compatible Classes

All classes in the archer tree are compatible with Wugushi.



  • In Chinese letters, Wugushi is written 巫蠱師. Developers were inspired by a tribe that specialized in making and using poisons.[1]


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