Tree of Savior's Upgrading System will allow players to enhance their weapons in different ways. There are 3 methods to upgrade an item.


ToS RefineUpgrade

Upgrading via advancement.

An item’s basic stats will be enhanced using Advancement. After placing an item onto an anvil, hit it to advance it to the next level. The numbers such as +1, +2 … will be displayed on the advanced item to indicate the item’s advancement level.[1]

Jewel Slotting

ToS JewelUpgrade

A weapon upgraded via jewels.

You can also give special options to the items by inserting jewels onto them. There are 4 types of jewels; round-type, quadrangle-type, diamond-type, and star-type. You can only insert each type of jewel that fit into the corresponding holes on the items. There are the items that already have these holes, but if you need an additional hole, then you can go meet ironsmith in the villages to make a hole in your item. By making a hole, the item’s Potential will be reduced by 1.[2]

Attribute Endowment

ToS EndowUpgrade

A weapon upgraded via endowment.

You can endow attributes to an item by adding Magic Amulet. For example, there is an option such as [When you succeed in Critical + Overkill simultaneously, the maximum attack speed will increase by 10 seconds with 3% possibility].[3]
ToS EndowUpgrade2

A shield after being upgraded via endowment.


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