Tree of Savior
Developer(s) IMC Games Co. Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nexon (South Korea, Japan & Thailand)
Steam (international)
PT. KREON (Indonesia)
X2GAME (Taiwan)
Distributor(s) Steam (English)
Gemscool (Indonesia)
PlayOne Asia (Malaysia & Singapore)
Designer(s) Kim Hakkyu
Artist(s) MAGGI
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 2015 December 29th (South Korea)
2016 May 10th (North America)
Genre(s) MMORPG

Tree of Savior (Korean: 트리 오브 세이비어), originally known as Project R1, is a Korean massive multiplayer online role-playing game created by IMC Games. Created by the original developers of Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior is touted by players as the true spiritual successor of RO.

The setting and story of the game are largely inspired by Lithuanian mythology, but is not based on it. There are classes in the game, and the “Tree” that is the major part of the story in the game, which are related to the gods in Baltic mythology.[1]

The game completed a focused group test (FGT) and a closed beta test (CBT) began in January of 2015.

In November 4th, 2018, IMC released the introduction of Re:Build, a restructure of the rank system which consists to re-value all available classes equally and further develop their future characteristics.[2]



“Four years ago (year 1091), it was on the eve of the so called “Medzio Diena”. Suddenly, a huge tree emerged in the middle of the capital and the earth and sky turned upside down. I never knew a tree could grow that big. And the destruction of the capital began. Everything happened so fast, and nobody knew what to do. We didn’t know whether to run away or try to stop it… Our minds just became blank.
The destruction of the capital was just the beginning. Medzio Diena was simply a prelude to the catastrophes coming ahead. Monstrous plants sprouted up all over and began devouring people. Everyone started running, but before I knew it I was the only person left.”

The game begins with a dream, where a giant tree grows in a unusual way, which roots spread destruction across the land. After such scenes, Laima, Goddess of Fate, shows up addressing to the player that such catastrophe has already fallen upon, and that a greater calamity has just taken root. She seeks for help of the Revelator to stop the demons who are after the Light of Salvation and save the world, otherwise, all life in it would come to an end. Alternatively, Giltine, Goddess of Death, shows up addressing that the seeds of a greater calamity have already been planted and that there's not a single goddess that can protect humans from the death she'll bring. She, instead, tells the Revelator through the dream to run like every human did.

This catastrophe occurred four years ago to the current timeline and was named Medzio Diena. Its aftermaths reached all the way to the small villages. The trees and plants suddenly grew bigger, turning into monsters which invaded the villages and left them devastated.

It is not optional to choose a starter city: if visited by Laima, the player begins in the city of Klaipeda; if visited by Giltine, the player begins in the city of Orsha.

Official Tree of Savior Servers

To help support the longevity of TOS and its developers, here is a list of official servers players should play on:


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