The Report of the High Barrier Magic
Location Mage Tower 1F

In-Game Text 

The barrier in this tower could not have possibly been created by the Demon Lord alone.

It acts like a tight-knit net.

Someone with a normal level of divine power cannot escape from it.

For what reason was this barrier created?

Is it related to the fact that the goddess who controls the flames of this world is staying here?

Agailla Flurry called Gabija to this tower, so this barrier is not meant to lock Gabija in.

To find out the reason for this, we first have to understand the composition of the barrier.

After a long investigation, we've found that this barrier was not only created with the power of Helgasercle, but rather blended with mana of different wavelengths.

We've also found that mana was composed by aligning the foundation stones in a certain position.

We were able to retrieve some of those foundation stones from various areas in the kingdom.

The new formation that we learned from them was astonishing.

The mana provided to use barrier magic wasn't voluntary.

We theorize that the levels of the Demon Lords were divided and sealed into the foundation stones and aligned into a position.

The key to unlock this barrier is in the foundation.

We'll continue to search for the answer after we block Helgasercle's invasion.