The Great Pirate and Hirevan Volume One
Location Orsha

In-Game Text

The Great Pirate Vladslovas.

With every step, his footprints would slosh with the blood of his defeated enemies.

He made demons bow their head and step back.

No being was more vicious or brutal than him.

In front of ruthless Vladslovas, stood a much younger Hirevan.

From the splashing waves, to the rocking boats...

Even the seagulls soaring up high quieted down to watch them.

There was no prize for the winner of this battle.

It was simply a question of maintaining or being robbed of the title of Great Pirate.

Hirevan drew his cutlass first, and began to attack Vladslovas in swift moves, aiming for the chest, twice for each side of the torso.

But his attacks were too obvious to Vladslovas.

So, upon getting a hold of Hirevan's cutlass, he kicked him in the pit of his stomach, knocking him over.

Then, as if teaching the younger pirate a lesson, he violently hit Hirevan with the grip of his sword.

Hirevan barely managed to escape and got back on his feet.

But he was already injured and Vladslovas looked set up for victory.