The Diary of Antares' Investigation
Location Mage Tower 1F

In-Game Text

As I was investigating mana, I discovered one important fact: The mana which flows steadily in the Mage Tower behaves strangely on the top of the tower.

After lengthy research, I found out that there is a third type of energy which is different from the types of mana we know of and it has a shape of a specific object.

This object must be from the era of Agailla Flurry as no one knows the existence of this object. I am sure that this object will bring a new beggining of magic, but since it is separated at the highest place atop the tower, we have no way to reach it.

We can't demolish the tower nor destroy part of it just to get it.

I will end my writing by stating that this object has more to be investigated.