"You are...the only true savior who will save this world. The one who Goddess Laima talked about."
-Saule to the Revelator.


CHAR Saule2

CHAR Saule

Basic Information
Original Spelling Saulė
Gender Female


Role Goddess of the Sun
Relatives The Creator
Giltine (Sister)
Ausrine (Sister)
Vakarine (Sister)
Lada (Sister)
Zemyna (Sister)
Austeja (Sister)
Jurate (Sister)
Dalia (Sister)
Gabija (Sister)
Vaivora (Sister)
Medeina (Sister)
Allies GM Grape
Enemies GM Guava
First Appearance Septyni Glen
Current Location Septyni Glenn

Saule is the Goddess of the Sun and the guardian of the Third Revelation. Among all the goddesses, she was the only one who believed in Laima's predictions of the future calamities: Medzio Diena and the demonic invasions.

The First Revelation

Laima entrusted Saule with the First Revelation (for Revelators, it's the third). She has been fighting Demon Lord Bramble, who tried to take over the Revelation, so one day she'd hand it to the Savior Laima talked about. She lost most of her strength since Medzio Diena, after the demons broke the balance of power. Demon Lord Bramble took the chance to steal the Revelation and sealed Saule in Septyni Glen, since she's the only one who can interpret it.

After Saule was released, she decided to stay with the Believers and prevent the Thorn Forest from expanding any more. She asked the revelator to not speak about her existence so the humans wouldn't depend on the helplessness of a goddess, else, the world will be full of chaos and sighs.

Finally, she led the revelator to the Royal Mausoleum through a portal she created to find the next Revelation hidden in there.

Rune Caster's Quest

The Rune Caster's quest requires meeting with Goddess Saule to ask about the Rune Stone.

In the past, Saule met a person that was searching through special powers hidden within the runic characters. He was filled with a pure passion for the task. He eventually found the hidden powers in the runic characters and became the first Rune Caster.