In Tree of Savior, each attack has assigned properties that are effective or ineffective against other properties.

Elemental Properties

Each monster has a defensive elemental property, which affects the damage of certain elements used against it. For example, Ice-element attacks are more effective against Fire-element monsters. Elemental Essence increases the bonus damage, and the Demon Lord Mirtis Card reduces the penalty. Despite being part of a closed system it is possible to split elemental properties in two groups as some properties don't interact.

ATK Property Fire Ice Lightning Earth Poison
Fire -25% +50%
Ice +50% -25%
Lightning +50% -25%
Earth +50% -25%
Poison +12.5% +12.5% +12.5% +12.5% -25%
ATK Property Holy Dark Psychokinesis
Holy -25% +50%
Dark +50% -25%
Psychokinesis +25% +25% +50%

*Bonus damage is in bold, while penalties are italicized

Weapon and Armor Properties

Monsters and player characters have an armor property assigned to them, which affects the damage of certain weapon properties used against them. A monster's armor property is fixed, while a player's armor property is determined by their equipped top armor.

ATK Property Cloth Leather Plate Ghost
Slash +25%
Pierce +25%
Strike +25%
Magic +25%
Bow +12.5% +12.5%
Gun +12.5% +12.5%
Cannon +25%