ICO Priest
Basic Information
Class Tree Cleric
Class Master Boruble
Release Date (kToS) 15/12/2015
Release Date (iToS) 29/03/2016
Original Spelling presbyteros (greek)
sacerdos (latin)
Korean Spelling 프리스트
Class Characteristics
Type Support
Stat Distribution
STR 0%
CON 15%
INT 20%
SPR 65%
DEX 0%

Many Priests worked near the Kingdom's capital and therefore were the Cleric class that took the most loss because of Medzio Diena. The oldest of the Priests who have survived Medzio Diena is known to be only around thirty years of age.

Priests are clerics who give blessings and resurrect the dead with their holy powers.


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Tree of Savior Priests are based on catholic priests, they are men that act as bridge between it and mankind sharing its words and grace.[1] performing duties such as preaching, baptism, take devotes confessions, offer devotes guidance, aid the poor and ill, commend weddings and funerals. [2]

Any men with a bachelor degree that wishes to serve the church is sponsored by a catholic diocese or community is eligible to join the seminary in order to become a Priest.[3] According to old traditions only men can ingress priesthood, those known as nuns are women that dedicate their lives to the christian faith but have no training in priesthood nor are allowed to perform most of Priest's function.[4] Seminary works as an university and offers formation in human, spiritual, intelectual and pastoral knowledge including the formal academics in philosophy and theology fields of study. [5]

It's believed that priesthood started between 1th and 2nd century[6][7] as a bishop delegate to fulfill some of their tasks in their absence, tho with as christianism spread through Europe and parish churches were build across the land the role was expanded gaining more functions and powers that were limited to bishops. Due that Priests are allocated as the lowest hierarchy rank in the catholic order, being only above deacon as a transitional state.[8]

Skills and Attributes

Unlock Full Level Ten Levels Five Levels
Lvl 1
ICO Aspersion
ICO Monstrance
ICO Turn Undead
ICO Blessing
ICO Resurrection
ICO Aspersion - Enhance
ICO Monstrance - Enhance
ICO Turn Undead - Enhance
ICO Blessing - Enhance
ICO Blessing - Additional Buff
Lvl 16
ICO Sacrament
ICO Revive
ICO Sacrament - Enhance
ICO Sacrament - Dark Property Resistance
ICO Revive - Duration
Lvl 31
ICO Mass Heal
ICO Mass Heal - Enhance
Class Attributes
ICO Increase Maximum Weight

Lvl 1 Type Description
ICO Aspersion
Buff Sprinkle holy water to help increase the physical defense of you and your allies and inflict damage to enemies.
ICO Monstrance
Debuff Reduces the evasion of enemies in front of you.
ICO Turn Undead
Turn Undead
Magic - Holy Inflicts Holy-property magic damage to enemies all around, with a chance of defeating Mutant or Demon enemies instantly (does not apply to characters or boss monsters).
★ Mutant and Demon enemies under the Malleus Maleficarum debuff that survive Turn Undead become stunned for 3 seconds.
★ While Engkrateia is active, the AoE attack ratio of Turn Undead increases by 50%.
ICO Blessing
Buff Gives a blessing granting additional damage to the attacks of your party members and allies.
Maxed at level 10.
ICO Resurrection
Active Resurrects a target that has been defeated in combat.
In Team Battle League, allows for 1 resurrection per round.
Maxed at level 5.
Lvl 16 Type Description
ICO Sacrament
Buff Temporarily grants the Holy property to your and your party member's attacks.
Targets under the Last Rites buff will not receive the Sacrament buff.
ICO Revive
Buff Prevents one from becoming Incapable of Combat once.
Lvl 31 Type Description
ICO Mass Heal
Mass Heal
Active Restores the HP of nearby allies.
Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Increase Maximum Weight None 10 • Increases character's maximum inventory weight by 20.
Maximum weight capacity increases by 200 when maxed
This attribute shares level among different classes
Blessing - Additional Buff None 5 • Increases number of targets for Blessing by 1 per attribute level​.
Number of targets increases by 5 when maxed​
Increases SP consumption by 10%
Sacrament - Dark Property Resistance None 5 • Increases dark property resistance by 5 per attribute level when Sacrament is active.
Dark property resistance increases by 25 when maxed​
Increases SP consumption by 10%
Revive - Duration None 5 • Increases duration of Revive by 7 seconds per attribute level.
Duration increases by 35 seconds when maxed​
Not applicable in TBL or GvG​
Increases SP consumption by 20%

The following skills were removed from Priest.

Compatible Classes

All classes in the cleric tree are compatible with Priest.

Special Interactions
ICO Exorcist
ICO Inquisitor



  • The word Priest is a generic term used to describe any clergyman in a given religion that is authorized to perform sacred rites and mediate between mankind and gods.[9]
  • Usually classes based on well defined groups that have proper background information that use the native names both for class and skills tho this may not be the case with Priest as christianism is a worldwide religion and all concepts associated with it can be found in several languages.
  • Priest is one of the few classes which the historical group it is based on still can be found in the current day and age, in fact it is also one of the rare cases which people can apply for regardless of, with exception of women, culture and country.
  • Despite being based on a male exclusive group there was never any gender restriction regarding the class advancement, the first and only time this was done was with Miko's release which was abolished with Re:Build update.
  • Back in the rank system Priest was the only class with a dedicated hidden class that expanded their skill set, this was no other than Chaplain.
  • Up to Re:Build Priest was one of the worst classes to play as, however this wasn't due being ineffective nor due costs or difficulty but rather the fact that three of the main Priest buffs were available to purchase through Pardoner's Spell Shop and the skill distribution not allowing players to ignore those skills. Any player that had a Pardoner variant of the buff would receive the effect with less efficiency but for longer duration and as the game understood the effects as the same it prevented Priest's to be applied in order to maintain the service.
  • The class icon is composed of a cross followed by two pairs of wings on top and bottom, it's likely that this combination has the most iconic symbol to christianism accompanied by what could represent the divine in form of angels.
  • Priest is the only class that has multiple catalysts but doesn't use them in more than a single skill, tho all of them are used on other classes those being Chaplain, Krivis, Paladin and Pardoner.


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