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Party System page is outdated and haven't been updated since creation. All information on it is from 2016 or older and is likely to have major differences from the current game state. Please be patient as we'll update it soon.
ToS PartyWindow

The party creation window in ToS.

The Party System is a feature that allows players to group up and tackle dungeons, get through a dangerous area, or to simply travel together. Every MMORPG has a Party System that functions basically the same way.

Partying Up

In Tree of Savior, a party can have up to 5 players. The default hotkey to access the party system is F6. Monster health will scale with the party by 50% to 100% depending on the party members. Like many MMORPGs, players in a party get bonus EXP for partying up. Party members must be within a certain distance of each other to gain EXP and loot.

To create a party, simply open up the party window and click on the Create button at the bottom. The system will automatically generate a party name and description, which can be changed by clicking into the name and description fields and then clicking Save.

Currently, there are two kinds of parties that can be formed. The party leader's job class determines the types of party system you will join.[1]


TOS Party

The regular party interface.

A Normal party works the same way as a typical party system.

Pirate Gang

TOS PirateGang

The Pirate Gang party interface.

When a Corsair class becomes the party leader, his/her avatar is labeled with a pirate hat. This signals that the party has become a pirate gang and players who join the pirate gang becomes pirates.

When a Corsair is leading a band of pirates, he can place a Pirate Flag on the floor to call upon spirit of the deep to the party members. Members who are influenced by the Pirate Flag has a Jolly Roger (Red Pirate Skull) buff. The Pirate Flag lasts for approximately 3 minutes.

Members influenced by Jolly Roger Buff have a red skull on top of character and bonus damage depending on kill combos.

  • 3 Combo Kills = Increase 15% Damage.
  • 4 Combo Kills = Increase 20% Damage.
  • 5 Combo Kills = Increase 25% Damage.

The combo timer lasts for only five seconds. Combo will increase and combo timer will refresh if party members kill monsters.[2]

Party Settings

After creating the party, the party leader can go into his/her Settings to adjust the following:

Item Sharing

  • Individual Loot: Whatever item is picked up by a party member will go only to that party member.
  • In Order: Each party member takes turn looting.
  • Random Loot: Each item picked up will be randomly sent to a member of the party.

EXP Sharing

  • Receive Separately: EXP goes to the party member that killed the monster and no one else.
  • Equal Distribution: EXP for each kill is shared equally amongst all party members.
  • Scale by Level: EXP rewards will adjust to each party member's level.

Quest Sharing

  • Disable: Each party member's quest will not show up on every other party member's quest tracker.
  • Enable: Each party member's quest will show up on every other party member's quest tracker.

Party Gathering - The following are optional settings that can be enabled to help organize pick-up groups (PUGs).

  • User Party Search Function: Allow the party to appear in search results.
  • Register as Public Party: Puts the party in the Public Party Listing.
  • Use Recommend Party: Sends a notification when an available player is within level range of the party leader.

Party Search

ToS PartySearch

The Party Search catalog in ToS.

Players in TOS can use the party search function to look up available players to form a party with.[3] The system will also recommend players within the same level range for easier grouping.


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