ICO Paladin
Basic Information
Class Tree Cleric
Class Master Valentinas Raimon
Release Date (kToS) 15/12/2015
Release Date (iToS) 29/03/2016
Korean Spelling 팔라딘
Class Characteristics
Type Defensive
Primary Damage Strike
Stat Distribution
STR 25%
CON 55%
INT 0%
SPR 10%
DEX 10%

Paladins are clerics who fight for their beliefs in the Goddess and their loyalty for the Kingdom. The Tenet Church, built by the first of the Paladins, is a symbolic birthplace for the Paladins that they must defend at all costs.

Paladins use their holy power to protect allies and vanquish enemies through the blessings of the goddess.


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Icon and Outfit

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Skills and Attributes

Unlock Full Level
Lvl 1
ICO Conviction
ICO Resist Elements
ICO Restoration
ICO Stone Skin
ICO Conviction - Enhance
ICO Resist Elements - Enhance
ICO Restoration - Enhance
ICO Stone Skin - Enhance
Lvl 16
ICO Demolition
ICO Sanctuary
ICO Demolition - Enhance
ICO Demolition - Stun
ICO Sanctuary - Enhance
Lvl 31
ICO Barrier
ICO Barrier - Devotion
Class Attributes
ICO Two-handed Blunt Mastery - Paladin

Lvl 1 Type Description
ICO Conviction
Strike Attack an enemy, marking them as a traitor. Increases the Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth and Poison damage taken by the enemy that receives the attack. Deals additional damage to stunned enemies.
★ Enemies under Death Sentence that are killed with Conviction deal damage to other nearby enemies when they're defeated.
ICO Resist Elements
Resist Elements
Buff Momentarily increases Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison and Earth property resistance for you and your party members, reducing the damage received from attacks of those properties.
ICO Restoration
Buff Activate your aura to heal yourself and allies nearby.
★ The amount of HP recovered increases by 10% when the Guardian Saint buff is active.
ICO Stone Skin
Stone Skin
Buff Strengthen your skin to reduce the damage received from physical and magic attacks.
Lvl 16 Type Description
ICO Demolition
Strike Strike the enemy hard with a two-handed blunt weapon. Deals additional damage to enemies under the Conviction debuff.
ICO Sanctuary
Buff Increases allies' physical defense and magic defense within the range. Also deals additional Holy property damage equivalent to the increased defense value.
Lvl 31 Type Description
ICO Barrier
Buff Push enemies away and create a barrier of protection which doesn't allow others to enter for some time. Increases the magic defense of allies who are inside the barrier.
Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Two-handed Blunt Mastery - Paladin Base lvl 100 1 • Increases AoE attack ratio by 5 when equipping a Two-handed Blunt weapon​.
Demolition - Stun Base lvl 200 10 • Enemies hit by Demolition have a 1% chance per attribute level to be afflicted with Stun.
Stun applies with 10% chance when maxed​
Barrier - Devotion Base lvl 350 3 Directs damage inflicted to party members inside Barrier to the casting Paladin.

• Increases physical defense by 4% per attribute level when the casting Paladin is inside Barrier
Physical defense increases by 12% when maxed​
Increases SP consumption by 30%​

The following skills were removed from Paladin.

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Tips and Strategies

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History Log

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