Level : All levels
City of Commerce
Type City
Rulers Inesa Hamondale
Faiths Five Major Goddess
Location Kirren Province

Orsha is one of the two cities to survive destruction from Medzio Diena four years prior, it is here where Revelators can alternatively begin their journey.


Located in a tropical zone, Orsha is surrounded by jungles, forests and fields.

Points of Interest


Orsha, a commercial city, did not survive Medzio Diena unscathed. Large tree roots spread throughout Orsha, demolishing the city's mighty walls and causing an earthquake of tremendous magnitude. The disaster killed the lord of Orsha and all his successors, merely sparing his only daughter, Inesa Hamondale, who is currently in charge of the city.

Orsha's Legend

CHAR InesaHamondail

Ruler of Orsha: Inesa Hamondale

A long time ago there was a young shepherd who lived in Orsha. One day he went out to the outskirts of the city with his sheep and there he met a girl. After that, the shepherd and the girl would often meet and play together. They say the girl didn't talk much and could only string together a few simpler words.

Then, something strage happened. Everything the girl had told the shepherd, big and small things, eventually happened. The shepherd thought it was marvelous, so he told his uncle Bloele about the girl. Bloele was a highly respected priest in Orsha. Bloele listened to his nephew's story and figured he shouldn't ignore it.

The next day he went out to meet the girl with his nephew. Bloele treated the girl as if he were meeting one of the goddesses. When she saw him, without saying a word, the girl drew something on the ground.

Bloele stepped on the girl's magical drawing and immediately he saw something slowly appearing in his mind. Three important events. Bloele was a priest so he knew how important they were. Medzio Diena, Orsha's disaster and another one he only told the bishops in Orsha.

After that the girl was never seen again and the shepherd went to become a brilliant cleric. Now, Medzio Diena and the destruction of Orsha already happened. The third event is unknown.

Class Masters[2]

Class master are NPCs which allow players to advance to a specific class or rank. They also sell items required to cast some skills and they can upgrade attributes. Players who chose Klaipeda as the starting route won't be able to advance class in Orsha, but they will still be able to use other services.

Class Name
Hoplite Master Aidas Valor
Elementalist Master Wican Celestic
Cataphract Master Memet Culag
Psychokino Master Ili Terid
Wugushi Master Wor Pat
Paladin Submaster Silvia Naimon
Pyromancer Submaster Cathy Naimos
Scout Submaster Suina
Bokor Submaster Bobo Icelin
Hunter Submaster Belkin Vellon
Cryomancer Submaster Octavia Ifflyn
Peltasta Submaster Nirin Dameoff
Quarrel Shooter Submaster Shorris
Priest Submaster Boira
Ranger Submaster Sheba
Swordsman Submaster Codill
Wizard Submaster Dejamis
Archer Submaster Gunnison
Cleric Submaster Tamara Easton
Sapper Submaster Zubin Katal
Krivis Submaster Mellinda Dicherin
Thaumaturge Submaster Diemer Fallon



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