ICO Musketeer
Basic Information
Class Tree Archer
Class Master Alloden Marzarine
Release Date (kToS) 15/12/2015
Release Date (iToS) 29/03/2016
Korean Spelling 머스킷티어
Class Characteristics
Type Offensive
Primary Damage Missile - Gun
Main Weapon Rifle
Stat Distribution
STR 55%
CON 25%
INT 0%
SPR 0%
DEX 20%

Even though they're relatively new, Musketeers have since become an essential part of the Kingdom's military and a job that is highly sought after by many hunters and adventurers.

Musketeers are equipped with rifles. Even though they cannot use a bow at the same time, they have effective skills for continuous hits and close combat techniques.


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Icon and Outfit

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Skills and Attributes

Unlock Full Level Single Level
Lvl 1
ICO Covering Fire
ICO Headshot
ICO Penetration Shot
ICO Grooving Muzzle
ICO Covering Fire - Enhance
ICO Headshot - Enhance
ICO Penetration Shot - Enhance
ICO Penetration Shot - Wild Shot
Lvl 16
ICO Sniper's Serenity
ICO Volleyfire
ICO Sniper's Serenity - Exploit Weakness
ICO Volleyfire - Enhance
Lvl 31
ICO Snipe
ICO Prime and Load
ICO Snipe - Enhance
Class Attributes
ICO Gun - Accuracy
ICO Musket Mastery - Musketeer
ICO Musketeer - Ready for Battle
ICO Musketeer - Safe Distance

Lvl 1 Type Description
ICO Covering Fire
Covering Fire
Fire blindly at the targeted area to attack multiple enemies. Applies 50% additional damage to enemies that are slowed down or unable to move
ICO Headshot
Aim accurately at the head of an enemy to attack. The attacked enemy will have its INT and SPR temporarily reduced. Inflicts Bleeding and Stun for 10 seconds.
Headshot attacks apply as critical to enemies affected by Coursing.
ICO Penetration Shot
Penetration Shot
Fire continuously in a straight line in front of you until the maximum range of fire. Attacked enemies may be pushed back.
Penetration Shot can be used while in the Kneeling Shot state.
ICO Grooving Muzzle
Grooving Muzzle
Buff Strengthens your musket, increasing the effectiveness of basic attacks. Provides a chance of dealing a set of 3 consecutive critical hits while Grooving Muzzle is active.
Disables automatic weapon swap for its duration.
Maxed at level 1.
Lvl 16 Type Description
ICO Sniper's Serenity
Sniper's Serenity
Buff Collect yourself before the combat. The longer the charging time, the more your minimum attack increases. At full charge, your minimum attack values become equal to your maximum attack.
Your movement speed decreases and you become unable to perform basic attacks while moving.
The buff's duration goes down by 1 second every time you are hit by an enemy.
Disables automatic weapon swap for its duration.
ICO Volleyfire
Fire repeatedly at the enemy. Applies 50% additional damage to enemies that are slowed down or unable to move
Lvl 31 Type Description
ICO Snipe
Aim and fire at an enemy far away. The usual range of fire is increased and heavily damages a single enemy. Attacking a bleeding enemy deals additional damage. Attacked enemies have a chance of becoming stunned, with nearby enemies also receiving damage.
Snipe cannot be evaded nor blocked.
Snipe attacks apply as critical to enemies affected by Coursing.
ICO Prime and Load
Prime and Load
Active Resets the cooldown of certain Musketeer attack skills.
The cooldown of Prime and Load increases in proportion to the skills reset.
Cooldown reduction effects cannot be applied to Prime and Load.
Maxed at level 1.
Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Gun - Accuracy None 5 Increases accuracy by 5% per attribute level when you attack an enemy with a gun​.
Accuracy increases by 25% when maxed
This attribute shares level among different classes
Musket Mastery - Musketeer None 5 Increases the damage of Rifle attacks up to 6% per attribute level according to the distance from the target.
Effects apply when (distance from target)/(maximum distance) equals 40% or more
Damage increases by 30% when maxed while attacking from maximum distance​
Musketeer - Ready for Battle None 10 • Applies 1% of additional attack per attribute level on Musketeer skills.
Additional attack increases by 10% when maxed
Reduces movement speed by 1​
Musketeer - Safe Distance None 1 Pushes you back when using C attack with Rifle.
Has 15 seconds cooldown
Penetration Shot - Wild Shot Penetration Shot lvl 10 1 • Causes Penetration Shot to inflict 2 hits.
Increases damage by 100%
Increases SP consumption by 30%

The following skills were removed from Musketeer.

Class Relations

Tips and Strategies

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  • A musketeer (French: mousquetaire) was an early modern type of soldier equipped with a musket. Musketeers were an important part of early modern armies, particularly in Europe. In most cases they served on foot as infantry, though sometimes they could operate on horseback: as a cavalryman or dragoon.[1]

History Log

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