Medzio Diena
ToS MedzioDiena
The Day of the Divine Tree
Participants Goddesses, Demons, Humans
Date 1091
Location not applicable

Medzio Diena (lit. "Tree Day"), alternatively known as The Day of the Divine Tree, was a cataclysmic event that happened during 1091, just a century shy after the Millenary and four years before the current time. This event was the turning point of the whole world, as predicted by Laima, when the Divine Tree in the capital grew to a tremendous size and its roots wreaked havoc among the populace.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The capital was destroyed, along with many other cities and villages, sparing only Klaipeda completely while Orsha's infrastructure and Fedimian's market district were annihilated. Following the destruction of the lands, monsters, especially plant-types, became more aggressive. Demons also came and started their incursion against humanity and the goddesses under orders from the Demon Goddess Giltinė. It is said that Medzio Diena is only the beginning of a chain of events that would lead to the end of the world.