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Tree of Savior Wiki (abbreviated ToS Wiki) is an encyclopedia contributed by fans who have collected updated information about the game, which is striving to be the best and largest resource for new players and active players who need some guidance with its Gameplay system and Lores that can be unlocked by completing in-game quests. This Wiki is specialized on the lore of Tree of Savior, but as well the introduction of the Classes system and in affiliation with the brand new skill simulator, developed by player rjgtav [Fedimian] and the support of active players Crevox [Klaipeda] and Palemoon [Klaipeda].


The contributors are divided in Loremasters and Endgamers who contribute in their respective area. To become a contributor, join our Discord server to agree with future contents, or you can be a Beta Reader of the daily updates on the Wiki!

ToS Wiki Admins

WarNux: Loremaster and character pages writer

Hillgarm: Wiki programmer and background researcher.

Kiyoshiro: kTester and endgame contributor.

Exelonn: Game visual material bringer.


Imix: Loremaster, lore content contributions

Wellan: Loremaster, editor and lore contributions

Fenrir: Loremaster, reader and lore contributions

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