Jane's Diary, the Wizard Apprentice
Location Mage Tower 1F

In-Game Text 

I came to Agailla Flurry's room to pick up cleaning supplies, and I saw Flurry talking to a woman with giant flames swaying around her body.

The ambiance terrified me, so I hid behind a wall and watched.

Then suddenly, a scary demon rushed in.

Flurry... turned into a handful of ashes by illuminating a great light.

Did that demon do something?

I had no idea, being a mere probationary wizard.

The demon somehow disappeared behind the flaming woman...

There was nothing I could do, so I ran away.

After a few days, my seniors told me that Gabija would be the new owner of the tower.

When the goddesses disappeared from the world, I was told to keep quiet.

Are things really going to be okay?

Well... those people were never wrong about anything before so I guess it will be.