ToS Inventory
Inventory is the name of the item storage system that is unique to each individual player character in Tree of Savior. Items picked up out in the field are immediately stored in a character's Inventory to be later transferred to the more expansive bank. The default hotkey to access the Inventory is F2.

In ToS, player Inventory have an unlimited amount of item slots so players can store as many items as they want in their Inventory, provided the total weight of all items does not exceed the character's Weight Limit. Every item has a weight value for balancing purposes so players do not carry too many useful items. Players can expand their characters' Weight Limit by investing points in their characters' Concentration stat.

Players can sort their items alphabetically in their Inventory as well as search through it with a search bar.

Weight Penalty

Characters are able to carry more than their Weight Limit, but will incur a movement speed penalty for doing so. When a character is overweight, it will walk instead of run until the extra weight is removed.