Hunters began with training hunting dogs and have evolved to training various monsters to help them in combat. Hunter Masters are well learned in both the weaponry used in hunting and the beasts that they must learn to tame. Hunters are trainers who hunt enemies using companions. Companions use skills which require cooperation with their owners, such as biting and holding onto enemies, or finding hidden targets.


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Hunter is a Companion basaed class and requires them to use any skill.


Unlock Full Level Single Level
Lvl 1
File:ICO Coursing.png
File:ICO Retrieve.png
File:ICO Rush Dog.png
Rush Dog
File:ICO Praise.png
Lvl 16
File:ICO Growling.png
File:ICO Howling.png
Lvl 31
File:ICO Hounding.png

The following skills were removed from Hunter.


Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Companion First Aid None 4 • When companion HP is below 50%, activates [First Aid] effect to recover HP for 2 seconds. Duration is increased by 1 second per attribute level from Lvl 2.

Duration increases by 6 when maxed

[First Aid] cannot be used for another 10 minutes after being activated

Companion Mastery - Tenacity None 5 • Increases stamina consumption cycle of companion by 10 seconds per attribute level​.

Stamina consumption cycle increases by 50 when maxed

Train - Ground Companion None 30 • Increases the attack of Coursing, Rush Dog and Retrieve by 1% of your companion's attack per attribute level​.

Applies 30% of Ground Companion attack when maxed

Retrieve - Expand None 5 • Decreases physical defense of an enemy attacked with Retrieve by 2% per attribute level.

Physical defense reduction increases by 10% when maxed

Increases SP consumption by 10%

Compatible Classes

All classes in the archer tree are compatible with Hunter.

Special Interactions
ICO Musketeer



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