History of the Rebellion
Location Pyromancer Master's Lab

In-Game Text

When the great swordsman, Ruklys, completed the Fortress of the Land, many who admired him gathered under him. 

Their power grew to that of a city-state over time, and it is suspected that Ruklys' ambition grew as well. 

Ruklys' influence grew so much the he eventually revolted against King Kadumel. 

It was a huge rebellion. The entire city took part. That's why some record it as a civil war. 

The rebellion initially favored Ruklys, but the tides turned when the Premier Eminent and marksman Lydia Schaffen joined the war. 

It all ended two years later, when Ruklys died at the hands of Lydia Schaffen. 

Because of the revolt, Ruklys' city lost its name and fell under an everlasting curse. 

Even now, that curse turns everything to stone.