Guilds are organizations made up of many adventurers. Every guild is controlled by a single guildmaster, who determines how spoils are shared amongst the guildmembers. Revelators will transfer to many guilds over the course of their journey. In Tree of Savior, Guilds can only be formed by Templar players, restricting guildmasters to one job class.[1]

Founding a Guild

File:TOS GuildWindow.png

In order to create a guild, the Templar player must talk to Knight Commander Uska and pay 10,000,000 Silver.

Once created, the guildmaster can start inviting people into the guild and gain access to guild-exclusive skills.

  • Guild Levels - Guilds in TOS will have levels, although it is unsure how guildmembers can help level up their guild.
  • Guild Membership - When newly created, the guildmaster can only add a maximum of 20 members. This limit can be increased by leveling up the appropriate guild attribute.

Upon joining a guild, a guild chat tab will be added to the chat box for guild discussions.[2]

Guild Tower

TOS GuildTower

A Guild tower in TOS.

The centerpiece of a guild in TOS is the Guild Tower. Guildmasters can form a guild tower on any field in the game. The tower can perform even more functions depending on the guild tower skills the Templar in charge has. Guildmembers can use the tower to warp, as guild storage or to enter a private area.

High-level guild towers can function as a hangout spot. The spot can consist of an inside area and a garden farm. Within the hangout spot, guildmembers can plant and harvest crops or raise unique companions. The crop materials and companions can be obtained from various guild events. A guildmaster can choose which guild events to participate. The events will consist of boss raid events, raid missions for guilds, and GvG events. Guilds can grow their guild towers by feeding them Talts obtained from those events. As the guild level increases, points will be accumulated and you can use those points to grow your guild.[3]

Developing the Guild

There are many ways a guild can grow. A guild can specialize in agriculture or in combat and can declare war with other guilds. Warring guilds can destroy each other’s guild tower or PVP the enemy members on fields.[4]


Guilds in TOS have special skills that can only be activated by the guildmaster. These skills help to support the guild on and off the battlefield.

File:TOS BuildGuildTower.png Build Guild Tower


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