"In the past, the demons have aimed to take the Mage Tower. Though, we were always able to stop their attacks whenever they attacked."
-Grita to the Revelator

CHAR Grita
Basic Information
Gender Female (human form)
Race Phoenix


Role Guide to the Revelator
Relatives Gabija
Allies Revelator, Agailla Flurry
Enemies Demon Lord Helgasercle, Antares
First Appearance Fedimian
Current Location Mage Tower 4th Floor

Grita is a protector of the Mage Tower, who meets with the Revelator in front of the statue of Goddess Zemyna, and is the assistant of Goddess Gabija.

Mage Tower

Following the death of Agailla Flurry via immolation, Gabija became the new owner of the Mage Tower when the wizard could not appoint a successor. Grita and Gabija stayed there for a time with those inside the tower sworn to secrecy.

After Medzio Diena, the Demon Lord Helgasercle tried to lay siege yet again to the Mage Tower, flooding it with lesser demons and experimental monsters gone away. Gabija hid herself at the top of the tower to distract Helgasercle with a false revelation, and sent Grita in the guise of a human to await a Revelator, the "Savior" the goddess Laima spoke of.

The Savior then went in together with her inside Mage Tower until they formed the Jewel of Prominence and she stayed behind in the fourth floor to deter more demons from entry. After the defeat of Helgasercle, Gabija summoned her familiar back to her side, revealing Grita's true form.