ICO Fletcher
Basic Information
Class Tree Archer
Class Master Visvaldas Black
Release Date (kToS) 15/12/2015
Release Date (iToS) 29/03/2016
Korean Spelling 플레쳐
Class Characteristics
Type Offensive
Primary Damage Missile - Bow
Main Weapon Bow
Catalyst Used Arrows - Diverse
Stat Distribution
STR 50%
CON 17.5%
INT 0%
SPR 0%
DEX 32.5%

The first Fletcher was born during the time of Lydia Schaffen and assisted her in many of her quests, leaving behind great legends that are still told to this day. They have since dedicated their lives to creating new arrows and bows to gather wealth, and eventually a Fletcher Master was born out of this family.

Fletchers make and use special arrows. Different arrows result in powerful attacks depending on the type of enemy and combat situation.


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Icon and Outfit

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Skills and Attributes

Unlock Full Level
Lvl 1
ICO Barbed Arrow
ICO Bodkin Point
ICO Broadhead
ICO Barbed Arrow - Enhance
ICO Bodkin Point - Enhance
ICO Broadhead - Enhance
Lvl 16
ICO Crossfire
ICO Divine Machine Arrow
ICO Crossfire - Enhance
ICO Divine Machine Arrow - Enhance
Lvl 31
ICO Magic Arrow
ICO Magic Arrow - Enhance
ICO Magic Arrow - Silence
Class Attributes
ICO Arrow Crafting
ICO Fletcher - Expanded Range

Lvl 1 Type Description
ICO Barbed Arrow
Barbed Arrow
Fire a barbed arrowhead. Deals a number of hits depending on an enemy's armor type.
ICO Bodkin Point
Bodkin Point
Fire a high-penetration bodkin arrow at an enemy. Lowers the defense of struck enemies and nullifies any protective magic.
ICO Broadhead
Fire a wide broadhead arrow. Inflicts Bleeding on the enemy hit.
★ Bleeding enemies are inflicted with Excessive Bleed when attacked again.
Lvl 16 Type Description
ICO Crossfire
Fire an arrow that, upon hitting an enemy, creates a cross-shaped explosion.
ICO Divine Machine Arrow
Divine Machine Arrow
Fires an arrow with explosives attached. Upon hitting its target, the arrow explodes after an amount of time and causes collateral damage.
★ Enemies affected by the Burn Debuff receive an additional 50% damage from the Divine Machine Arrow explosion.
Lvl 31 Type Description
ICO Magic Arrow
Magic Arrow
Fire an arrow, igniting flames that inflict damage over time on enemies entering the targeted area. Targets that step on the flames receive continuous damage.
Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Arrow Crafting None 1 • Allows you to create arrows used for Fletcher skills.
Arrow Crafting is available while in Rest Mode​
Fletcher - Expanded Range None 5 Increases the range of Fletcher skills by (attribute level x 10)​.
Range increases by 50 when maxed
Magic Arrow - Silence None 5 Enemies hit by the flames of Magic Arrow will be afflicted with Silence by a certain chance. Increases the chance by 10% per attribute level.
Silence chance increases to 50% when maxed

Class Relations

Tips and Strategies

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  • The origin of the word Fletcher came from “fletching”, a word used to describe the feathers at the back of an arrow.[1]


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