Template:Infobox location Fedimian, the Divine City, is a very old city, and is surrounded by countless ruins and wonders: The Mage Tower, The Cursed City and The Great Cathedral at the most noteworthy. 

Fedimian also had a Market District besides its Divine District, but the market was completely destroyed due to the earthquake during Medzio Diena. Citizen are still reviving the city, but the infrastructure is still old and crumbling quite a bit. The Divine District is still left intact due to Zemyna’s blessings. Fedimian is also known for its silver craft and the amount of pots around with messages written by mysterious former citizen, soldiers and nobility members; some of them feature relevant people to the lore.

The Mage Tower

Hundreds of years ago an archmage by the name of Agailla Flurry built the tower. Much of the magic used today saw their beginnings within that tower and haven’t changed much since.

LOC MageTower

The Cursed City

That city was abandoned after it was cursed with a spell that turned everything into stone. It is just beyond the Pilgrim’s Way. It used to be the place where the people who supported the former rebel Ruklys lived. The curse is still in effect today so its difficult to travel there

LOC CursedCity

The Great Cathedral

Beyond the Pilgrim’s Way is the Great Cathedral, which was built by Maven. Ruklys, Lydia Schaffen and Agailla Flurry were all his disciples.It was significantly damaged by Medzio Diena. Back then, a great number of people would go there to do various rituals. They call the trail to the Great Cathedral, the Pilgrim’s Way.

LOC GreatCathedral


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