Encyclopedia of Masters, Chapter 1
Location Pyromancer Master's Lab

In-Game Text

This book contains information of all current masters. 

Publication will continue so look forward to the next book. 

Highlander Master [Douglas Black] 

An experienced general from the noble class who was in charge of the Royal Guards. As the leader of Highlanders, he worked up front, saving the world from Chaos. 

Chronomancer Master [Lucid Winterspoon] 

Alchemist of a prominent family, she refused her title to become a Chronomancer. No one but the Alchemist Master knows her true age. It is said she's been around since the inauguration ceremony of the Tenet Church. 

Ranger Master [Nemocen] 

Successor to the legendary Lydia Schaffen, is the shooter of tower-born stand-star. Famous for chasing down assassin, Evoniphon. Rumor has it he doesn't get along well with Hunter Master, Fiona Ieva. 

Paladin Master [Valentinas Naimon] 

The most well-known hero of the legendary four heroes. He saved many lives in his verse during Medzio Diena.