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Enchantment Jewels are a standalone complementary feature to the equipment system. It provides additional status not related to the equipment itself nor the character level. There are only two consistent methods to obtain Enchantment Jewels, equipment dismantling and through Remnants of Bernice exchange shop.

Types of Jewels

Jewels have two basic properties - level and grade. The first one is responsible for the application of enchantment while the latter increases the chance of getting a higher value on said enchantment. It is possible to generate Jewels from Rare, Unique and Legend grades, and that is primarily done by dismantling equipment with blacksmith NPCs. Both grade and level from the dismantled equipment will be the parameters defining the jewel. As a particular exception, legendary equipment can only be dismantled by ICO Vaidotas.png Vaidotas.

Applying Enchantments

The only rule applied to Enchantment Jewels is level difference with equipment. Jewels can only be used on equipment which level is equal or lower to theirs.

Equipment Level
\ 170 270 400
120 x x x
170 o x x
220 o x x
315 o o x
400 o o o

To use enchantment jewels you must right click it in the inventory, drag the target equipment to the box and click on the Enchant button. This process doesn't have any cost other than consuming the jewel and won't reduce the equipment potential. Only primary equipment can receive effects from jewels.

Value Range 1~3 0.1~15% 0.1~25%
  • Movement Speed
  • AoE Attack Ratio
  • Damage against Bosses
  • Critical Damage
  • Main Weapon Damage
  • Subweapon Damage
  • PvP Damage
  • Critical Resistance
  • Incoming Magic Damage
  • Incoming Physical Damage
  • Incoming PvP Damage
  • Accuracy
  • Block
  • Block Pen
  • Crit Rate
  • Evasion

The bonus and value provided will be random based on the available poll. Only one enchantment can be applied per equipment piece. Using another jewel will overwrite the previous effect completely, be it higher or lower.

Enchantment bonuses of a same stats don't stack, instead only the highest value will be applied. These effects can be seen at the stat window (F1) at the bottom of the list.

Transferring Enchantments

Enchant Stats on a piece of equipment can be transferred to other equipment that are the same equipment type, same tradeability, same rarity or higher, and the same required level or higher. This process can be done via ICO Vaidotas.png Vaidotas in Miners' Village or the Professional Alchemist Abelu in Klaipeda. A silver fee is also required, which increases by 3,000,000 silver per 1 level difference.

Tips and Strategies

  • The most effective way to obtain the desired bonus for an equipment set is by rotating between equipment pieces until one of them reaches high enough of said value, proceed to repeat the process without the finished parts.
  • Despite enchantments having their effectiveness detached from equipment level it is considerably more beneficial to use them on highest level or rarity of equipment available, stats like Block Pen will be multiplied with the character base stats having a likely higher output.


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