ICO Doppelsoeldner
Basic Information
Class Tree Swordsman
Class Master Guerra
Release Date (kToS) 15/12/2015
Release Date (iToS) 29/03/2016
Original Spelling Doppelsöldner (german)
Korean Spelling 도펠죌트너
Class Characteristics
Type Offensive
Primary Damage Slash
Main Weapon 2h Sword
Stat Distribution
STR 45%
CON 20%
INT 0%
SPR 0%
DEX 35%

The Doppelsoeldner are relatively new, most have either taken the Pledge of the Blade or work actively as mercenaries.

The Doppelsoeldners are mercenaries that will willingly risk their own lives for financial gain. They leave themselves open to enemy attack in order to strike back harder or gain extra benefits.[1]


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All sources point out for Doppelsoeldners to be an elite branch of Landsknechte, german mercenary pikeman from late 15th and early 16th century.[2] The name is a combination of doppel and soldner and can be translated as 'double pay-earner' or 'double mercenary' and reflects their value and experience in combat, this is further supported by the fact they fought in the vanguard and could be requested to break out formations as one of the riskier tasks in combat.

From the few records available the weapons of preference for Doppelsoldners would be in the farther reach category being halberds and partisans as their polearms or even zweihänders[3], the latter is reflected in game as the class is bind to 2h swords in the majority of skills. It's believed that zweihänders was employed in combat to deflect enemies pikes in order to make opening for their allies, this could be effective as the cutting potential of the weapon would present considerable danger and thus limit their enemies actions as weapons were in bind. Despite that some sources point out the use of ranged weapons such as crossbow and harquebuses[4] which wouldn't be odd granted that most soldiers would employ ranged weapons if they could. The advent of firearms marked the end of foots mercenaries as they couldn't resist nor fight back the range advantage resulting in only a century of glory.


Doppelsoeldner is currently the only class in the game that requires 2h Swords to use skills, however the class provides a single skill distribution route that uses all skill points and doesn't require the weapon.

Skills and Attributes

Unlock Full Level Combo Skills - 5 Levels Only
Lvl 1
ICO Deeds of Valor
ICO Punish
ICO Sturtzhau
ICO Zornhau
ICO Zucken
ICO Redel
ICO Punish - Enhance
ICO Sturtzhau - Enhance
ICO Zornhau - Enhance
ICO Zucken - Enhance
ICO Zwerchhau - Connect
ICO Redel - Enhance
ICO Zwerchhau - Connect
Lvl 16
ICO Double Pay Earn
ICO Zwerchhau
ICO Zwerchhau - Enhance
ICO Zwerchhau - Connect
Lvl 31
ICO Cyclone
ICO Cyclone - Enhance
ICO Cyclone - Movement
ICO Cyclone - Ravage
Class Attributes
ICO Doppelsoeldner - Tough

Lvl 1 Type Description
ICO Deeds of Valor
Deeds of Valor
Buff Increases the damage you deal to enemies, but also increases the damage you receive.
ICO Punish
Pierce Deeply pierce a collapsed enemy.
Deals damage only to collapsed enemies.
ICO Sturtzhau
Slash Strike with your weapon diagonally.
The attack ignores a portion of the enemy's defense.
ICO Zornhau
Slash Inflict damage and put the enemy into a state of shock with a big slash attack.
Maxed at level 5.
ICO Zucken
Slash Slash side-to-side with your weapon and deal continuous damage to an enemy in front of you.
Damage on Shocked enemies is increased.
Can only be used after Zornhau.
Maxed at level 5.
ICO Redel
Slash Deals successive attacks to an enemy in front by swinging your weapon.
Bleeding enemies receive increased damage.
Can only be used after Zucken.
Maxed at level 5.
Lvl 16 Type Description
ICO Double Pay Earn
Double Pay Earn
Buff Applies a buff that increases Looting Chance.
Increases your damage taken.
ICO Zwerchhau
Slash Swing the sword in one hand to attack a wide range of enemies.
Hit enemies become affected with Bleeding.
Lvl 31 Type Description
ICO Cyclone
Slash Use centrifugal force to turn and continuously attack enemies.
★ If the Frenzy buff is active with 10 or more stacks, when Cyclone ends, enemies on the spot receive damage for 3 seconds.
Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Doppelsoeldner - Tough Base lvl 350 10 • Reduces your Stamina by 5, but adds 1% critical chance per attribute level and increases AoE attack ratio +1 per attribute level in Doppelsoeldner skills​.
Critical chance and AoE Attack Ratio increases by 10% and 10 when maxed.
Zwerchhau - Connect Base lvl 350 1 • Allows you to use Zucken - Redel after Zwerchhau
Cyclone - Movement None 1 • Allows movement when using Cyclone

Increases SP consumption by 30%​.

Cyclone - Ravage None 1 • Significantly increases the range of Cyclone.
Increases cooldown by 5 sec

The following skills were removed from Doppelsoeldner.

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  • In english the standard spelling for word is Doppelsoldner, it's likely that this additional E was added on part of localization due how the word is pronounced in german and the ¨ accent may not be as intuitive for english speaking audience nor for an international version of the game.
  • On verge of costume the design uses the Landsknechte flamboyant clothing as it was composed to set them apart in the battlefield, the huge sleeves and bright colors were used by this group just as we can see in Doppelsoeldners costume. [5]
  • Skills that weren't inspired by the core concept of Doppelsoeldner are real two handed sword techniques described in historical fencing manuals[6], this seems to be a design choice based on the weapon as the combat style of the group itself isn't well documented.
  • The class icon takes the German coat of arms in the front of a flag followed by horizontal stripes. [7]
  • Currently Doppelsoeldner is the only class in game that is exclusive to 2h swords, however there is an unofficial group for the weapon composed by Highlander and Barbarian as they formerly had the attribute required to equip 2h swords.


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