The Divine Tree is a tree in the capital, and the source of many problems like Medzio Diena. It is also known as the Austras Koks and is a symbol of the religion of the kingdom, as well as an important plot device in the overall story of Tree of Savior.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Long ago, during the time of creation when the divine and mortal dwelt as one, God created the sky where stars dance, the earth to support that sky, and all life. When he finished, he fell into eternal slumber, taking the form of a tree, the Divine Tree, wherein he would breath life force in and out to the world, completing the balance of life. He asked that no one would wake him from his sleep.

Gradually, people began to search for the missing God, and in order to have him return for their wish to be loved, plotted to disobey his command. They could no longer live together with the divine upon defiance, and those people renounced everything and became "demon". This truth was eventually lost, and the rest of the people who did not join demons scattered all over the world and became known as "human". The Divine Tree continued to rest.

Laima would eventually command the great king Zachariel to unite the nations and build his kingdom's capital around the Divine Tree, and every year priests would bless this tree, believing it sacred despite forgetting its true form.

Eventually, through the machinations of the Demon Goddess Giltinė and demons, they made it so that the Divine Tree could not coexist with humans, forcing the tree to grow beyond control in 1091, a day that will eventually be known as Medzio Diena. People soon believed that the Divine Tree was a curse, a source of calamity and nothing good, as intended by the demons.