"Leave me alone, I beg you... I am bound to be consumed chaos."
-Dalia to the Revelator

CHAR Dalia
Basic Information
Gender Female
Race Goddess


Role Goddess of Fate
Relatives The Creator
Giltine (Sister)
Ausrine (Sister)
Vakarine (Sister)
Saule (Sister)
Lada (Sister)
Zemyna (Sister)
Austeja (Sister)
Jurate (Sister)
Laima (Sister)
Gabija (Sister)
Vaivora (Sister)
Medeina (Sister)
Allies Kupoles
Class Masters
Mysterious Girl
Enemies Demons
First Appearance Tevhrin Stalactite Cave
Current Location Unknown

Dalia is the Goddess of Fate who is trapped and corrupted by Demon Queen Gesti in Tevhrin Stalactite Cave. In her right arm, Gesti put a mark that deprives her from her own blessings and powers.

A long time ago, goddesses and demons made an agreement that they would not interfere with each other. One of the conditions of this pact was that demons were not allowed to murder humans. Then, 600 years ago, Gesti placed a curse in the Roxona region.

She did so under the pretext that it was in response to Ruklys' rebellion. Goddess Dalia stood forward to help those in Roxona. The petrified city with the forgotten name...Then, the demons appeared and brought up the agreement. They claimed that the victims had not been murdered, merely petrified, and attacked Goddess Dalia. That is how she became trapped in the curse of the demon goddess.

The curse imparted in Goddess Dalia clashed with her own divine force, forming something immensely more powerful. This left Dalia in the state they know Her as...That is why the entire area was burned to the ground...There was nothing that could bring the goddess back to her own conscience...So the three Demon Kings imprisoned Dalia, and the Kupoles were left to watch over Her. No other goddesses dared to interfere with the petrified city after that.

Only the Demon Goddess is able to control the power of chaos. Dalia's sisters made another agreement with the Demon Kings. They agreed to give up on the petrified city...In return for herself being sealed there by Gesti, Kartas and Baiga. After sealing her there, they gave control of this cave to her sisters. The Kupoles have been guarding it ever since then.