ToS CraftingSystem

The Crafting interface.

In Tree of Savior, all classes will be able to craft some items in the game via the Crafting System. However, in order to craft an item, you have to first acquire a manual to craft a particular item. A manual will be automatically recorded on Adventure Journal once the manual gets used and after that the item can be crafted any time. Certain manuals can be taught to the others. When you collect all the ingredient items that are specified in a manual, you can craft the item.

Crafting is only possible during Rest Mode, and it could take a few seconds, a few minutes, and more than 10 minutes depending on what kind of items you are crafting.[1] When you craft an item, you can freely change its name and you can also add some descriptions on its tooltip.[2]

There are a few classes that have skills related to crafting. Those classes are not sub-classes and they start at the same level like the other classes.[3]


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