Corsair is a swordsman class that attacks with both hands repetitively in battles. Corsair specializes in dual-wielding, making it the closest class to Thief (which doesn't exist in Tree of Savior). In addition, this class also has the ability to loot items while attacking. Corsair can also unlock treasure chests that normally cannot be opened by other classes.[1]


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Corsairs can only equip gear designated as:


Corsairs can use the following weapons:


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Pirate Gang

TOS PirateGang

The Pirate Gang party interface.

When a Corsair class becomes the party leader, his/her avatar is labeled with a pirate hat. This signals that the party has become a pirate gang and players who join the pirate gang becomes pirates.

When a Corsair is leading a band of pirates, he can place a Pirate Flag on the floor to call upon spirit of the deep to the party members. Members who are influenced by the Pirate Flag has a Jolly Roger (Red Pirate Skull) buff. The Pirate Flag lasts for approximately 3 minutes.

Members influenced by Jolly Roger Buff have a red skull on top of character and bonus damage depending on kill combos.

  • 3 Combo Kills = Increase 15% Damage.
  • 4 Combo Kills = Increase 20% Damage.
  • 5 Combo Kills = Increase 25% Damage.

The combo timer lasts for only five seconds. Combo will increase and combo timer will refresh if party members kill monsters.[2]



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