Tree of Savior Wiki

The community of Tree of Savior is populated by content creators that promote the game through art, writings and gameplays, as well as supporters who help the IMC team with reporting issues in the game at own will. Most of the contributions are found in the Tree of Savior Forums, and some populated servers on Discord.

Independent Contributors

The community has players who make independent contributions to IMC in order to help the company improve. Among them, player Crevox [Klaipeda] is a Contributor who reports the current issues going in game, answers the questions asked by players and contributes in guides and data bases along other players. As well as player rjgtav [Fedimian] who built a brand new, complete and constantly updated database for current and future players.

Data Bases

Tree of Savior's community is divided in different contents through sites and servers.

Site Creator(s) Description Status
Tree of Savior International (iToS) IMC International Official site. Active; updated
Tree of Savior Korea (kToS) IMC Korean Official site. Active; updated
Tree of Savior Japan (ToSJP) IMC New site for Japanese sever Active; updating
Former Tree of Savior Japan (ToSJP) IMC Former Japanese Official site. To be inactive
ToS Guru rjgtav A fan Data Base and Skill Simulator to check builds and in-game contents. Active, constantly updating.
ToS きゃらしみゅ haxe A Character Simulator to customize with existing costumes, accessories and hairstyles. Japanese only. Active; constantly updating.
Class Build Guides Palemoon A compilation of Community Class Builds shared by players, which are tested and reviewed to help people with their future characters. Under construction
Hidden Classes Guide Palemoon A guide to unlock Hidden Classes through their respective quests. Updated
Explorer's Gimmick Guide Palemoon A guide to complete gimmicks and unlock features in game. Under development, constantly updating
Saalus Convent Guide Palemoon Guide for new players to know the mechanics in Saalus Convent dungeon. Updated

Official Forums

This is a listing of forums for the official servers of Tree of Savior. These forums are meant to allow the community to play licensed versions of the games through legal means and for the game developers to collect feedback from their players.


This is a listing of fansites that are made for and by the ToS gaming community. Like the Tree of Savior Wiki, these fansites are NOT affiliated with IMC Games Co. Ltd. and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates so paid staff are not guaranteed to frequent these sites, if at all.

Site Creator(s) Description
ToS Reddit Palemoon, Captcha_, Nekumata, schepter, Praesul. A Reddit dedicated to discussions about Tree of Savior.
Tree of Savior deviantART cocoyn An art gallery for creators to share their drawings and stories.
Tree of Savior RP WarNux A Role Play group which focus on giving life to in-game characters.
Tree of Savior Fan Base Marco Bierbach A data base and skill simulator for Tree of Savior builds.

Discord Servers

Tree of Savior has a large variety of Discord servers populated by developers, content creators, contributors and more.

Server Admin(s) Description
The TOS Discord Mimi Miyazaki Tree of Savior general server for players and non players.
/r/TreeOfSavior Palemoon, Captcha, Praesul, schepter, Nekumata Reddit server of Tree of Savior to guide new players and interact with other players.
Tree of Savior RE: WarNux Role Play group that organizes events for artists in the community of Tree of Savior and guide future players.
ToSJP_IMC Schimmer Japanese group for the new Tree of Savior Japanese Server.

Game Pages

This is a listing of the official game pages for Tree of Savior on several game websites. These are separate communities of gamers that may or may not frequent the official forums.