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Centurion is an advanced Swordsman that can issue commands to other characters.

If players participate “Formation”, then the characters’ control will be controlled by Centurion until they go out of Formation. Formation can be changed into various types depending on various situations and each type of formation has its own unique characteristic.

For example, “Winged Formation” which surrounds the enemies and concentrate on firing on those enemies, is effective when you are facing with a huge boss, and “Phalanx” which temporarily gathers all Blocking stats to the players in the first row is effective when you are facing with multiple enemies at once.[1]

Centurion opens so-called Formation by ordering “Call-Up”. The people who want to participate Formation pass their controls to Centurion. When you want to go out of Formation, just press one of directional keys to go out of Formation.

We used to have an exclusive Formation UI at the last year’s version of TOS to change each member’s location, but we deleted this UI after we found an easier way. Now, the commander, Centurion can type in the numbers that are displayed on Formation to change locations of party members.

Centurion can also strategically change Formation and go out of Formation any time.[2]


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File:ToS Assault.png Assault
File:ToS DraggingDeath.png Dragging Death


Attribute Description
File:ToS AssaultStun.png Assault: Stun Assault skill will inflict Stun state by (5*ATR Lv.)% chance in 2 seconds upon hit.
File:ToS DraggingDeathAllyTrapControl.png Dragging Death: Ally Trap Control Grants the ability to be able to move ally's trap statues.





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