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The best sub-stat equipment are obtained in unique raids, a semi-daily kind of instance content based with various tasks and a boss fight at the end.

Entry System

A special entry system is used for unique raids, with no limit count. Instead of a daily count, they require the item Raid Portal Stone in specific amounts. Each additional run increases that entry fee by one additional unit. The extra Raid Portal Stone cost is validated upon completing the raid and applies for the following entry. It's possible to re-enter the same ongoing raid without the need of additional Raid Portal Stones. All unique raids share the same entry counter for the cumulative cost per character, being reset to the starting fee at 06:00 AM every day.

Number of Raid Portal Stones Required = Base Entry Cost + Number of Raids Completed

Raid Portal Stones can be obtained by crafting, their recipe is obtained as a Challenge Mode reward and requires 30 Nucle Powder and 15 Sierra Powder per unit. Events can also provide Raid Portal Stones as participation rewards, subject to event availability.


The majority of unique raids can't be done straight away. There are only two exceptions that demand specific quest lines to be completed.

Raid Level Equipment Lines Entry Map Unlocked by Quest
Entry Equipment
First Refuge 330 350

• Masinios
• Ausura
• Laitas
• Fietas Leather

Nobeer Forest x
Former Fantasy Library

• Sausis
• Nepagristas
• Nematomas
• Rangovas

Zima Suecort o
Asiomage Testing Grounds 380

• Asio

Frienel Memorial x
Magic Research Facility

• Wastrel Zvaigzde

Starry Town o
Astral Tower Closed Quarters

• Ignas

Astral Tower 4F x
Tomb of the White Crow - Unique 400

• Skiaclipse

Rasvoy Lake x


Unique raids use a variant from the instances' base reward system. Their cubes have a huge list of items, generating a random equipment from the raid associated equipment lines, a recipe to craft said equipment or a single spirit fragment. After collecting a specific amount required to be activated, fragments can be used as a cube to generate an equipment or recipe, based on the raid cube item poll. Raids also share general exclusive items as cube rewards.

Item First Refuge Former Fantasy Library Asiomage Testing Grounds Magic Research Facility Astral Tower Closed Quarters Tomb of the White Crown - Unique
Practonium x o o o o o
Ancient Golden Socket o x o o o o
Spirit Fragment - Raid Boss Quantity Required 10 - 20 40 50
Item Obtained Random Crafted Equipment Random Crafted Equipment or Random Equipment Recipe Equipment Recipe

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