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Mercenary Missions
Basic Information
Lvl Required 100
Entry Type Daily - Shared with all Mercenary Missions
Amount 3 per Character
Rewards 1x Mystery Cube

Attention! This is obsolete due to latest updates to Episode 12!

As part of the daily instances, mercenary missions are an objective based type of PVE content with a boss fight in the end, each mission has a different structure that can incorporate multiple tasks to be performed in order, these include survival, object protection, monster wave clearing and more.

Mercenary missions can be completed in party and has a matchmaking system as well, they are accessed through the NPC Receptionist Ramda in Klaipeda, providing the four options. All mercenary missions share the same instance count and can be done 3 times per playable character daily.

All bosses from Mercenary Missions have a small chance to drop their own cards when defeated. Each one of the missions has a different roster that corresponds to one of the card colors. As a downside, the spawned boss are selected at random and can even be spawned multiple times in a single mission run.

Mission Bosses
per Run
Catacombs Mission 7 Red
Siauliai Mission 4 Blue
Seven Valley Mission 2 Green
Crystal Mine Mission 7 Purple

Losing Conditions

If all players in the map become incapable of combat or leave the map the mission will fail, however Mercenary Missions will deduce from the daily count unlike other instances.

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