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ICO Cleric.png
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Basic Information
Class Tree Cleric
Class Master Rozalija
Release Date (kToS) 15/12/2015
Release Date (iToS) 29/03/2016
Korean Spelling 클레릭
Class Characteristics
Type Support
Stat Distribution

STR 0%
CON 25%
INT 30%
SPR 45%
DEX 0%

STR 30%
CON 25%
INT 0%
SPR 0%
DEX 45%

Enabled when attribute is ON

Cleric have various skills that can either heal or buff allies in battle. They are largely a support class but they can be developed into a profession that plays a larger role in the front-lines as well as behind the scenes as support.


Clerics are former apprentice clergymen who have completed their training. For thousands of years, the Clerics are a group that has devoted their lives to studying and worshipping the Goddesses.


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Icon and Outfit

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Stat Multipliers

Cleric have the following stat multipliers

HP 80%
HP Recovery 120%
SP 80%
SP Recovery 120%
Physical Defense 150%
Magical Defense 150%
Critical Resistance 150%


Cleric can use the following weapons by default:

The only weapon group exclusive to Cleric is 2h Maces.

Skills and Attributes

ICO Cure.png
ICO Cure - Enhance.png
ICO Fade.png

ICO Guardian Saint.png
ICO Guardian Saint - Enhance.png
ICO Heal.png
ICO Heal - Linger.png
ICO Heal - Enhance.png
ICO Heal - Enhanced Upgrade.png
ICO Smite.png
ICO Smite - Enhance.png
ICO Smite - Enhanced Upgrade.png
Class Attributes
ICO One-handed Blunt Mastery - Healing.png
ICO Two-handed Blunt Mastery - Strike.png
ICO Physical Stat - Cleric.png
ICO Cloth Mastery - Healing.png

Lvl 1 Type Description
ICO Cure.png
Active Removes all removable debuffs affecting the target.
ICO Fade.png
Buff Erases the threat of monsters making them stop any attacks on you.
ICO Guardian Saint.png
Guardian Saint
Buff Increases the caster's Healing ability.
ICO Heal.png
Active Restores the HP of a designated target. The amount of HP restored depends on the caster's healing values. Repeated casting increases SP consumption that is dependent on the player's SPR stat.
ICO Kabbalist.png Kabbalist - Heal factor increased by 10%.
ICO Pardoner.png Pardoner - SP consumption reduced by 50.
ICO Plague Doctor.png Plague Doctor - Heal - Overload duration reduced by 0.7 second.
ICO Priest.png Priest - Heal factor increased by 5%. SP consumption reduced by 25. Heal - Overload duration reduced by 0.3 second.
ICO Smite.png
Strike Strike down enemies with a powerful attack. Deals additional damage to Mutant- and Demon-type enemies.
Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
ICO One-handed Blunt Mastery - Healing.png
One-handed Blunt Mastery - Healing
None 5 Increases Healing by 2% per attribute level when equipping a one-handed blunt weapon.
ICO Two-handed Blunt Mastery - Strike.png
Two-handed Blunt Mastery - Strike
None 1 Strike damage +10% when equipping a [Two-handed Blunt] weapon.
ICO Physical Stat - Cleric.png
Physical Stat - Cleric
None 1 Cleric's stat growth ratio is changed. INT ↔ STR, SPR ↔ DEX​
ICO Heal - Linger.png
Heal - Linger
None 10 Applies a buff that continuously restores the HP of allies healed with Heal or Mass Heal. The buff lasts 10 sec and restores HP in a value equal to [attribute level x 5]% of your Healing stat.
Increases SP consumption by 30%​.
Arts Description
ICO Cloth Mastery - Healing.png
Cloth Mastery - Healing
While equipped with 4 pieces of [Cloth] armor, your Attack is reduced by 5% in exchange for increasing Healing by the amount of Attack lost.
Does not apply simultaneously with the ICO Cloth Mastery - Communion.png Cloth Mastery - Communion art.

The following skills were removed from Cleric.

  • ICO Deprotected Zone.png Deprotected Zone
  • ICO Divine Might.png Divine Might
  • ICO Safety Zone.png Safety Zone


ICO Chaplain.png
ICO Crusader.png
ICO Dievdirbys.png
ICO Druid.png
ICO Exorcist.png
ICO Inquisitor.png
ICO Kabbalist.png
ICO Krivis.png
ICO Miko.png
ICO Monk.png
ICO Oracle.png
ICO Paladin.png
ICO Pardoner.png
ICO Plague Doctor.png
Plague Doctor
ICO Priest.png
ICO Sadhu.png
ICO Zealot.png

Tips and Strategies

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History Log


  • Stat growth redistributed
    • STR - 12.5 → 0
    • CON - 22.5 → 25
    • INT - 12.5 → 30
    • SPR - 40 → 45
    • DEX - 12.5 → 0
  • Added attributes
    • ICO Physical Stat - Cleric.png Physical Stat - Cleric
  • Added arts
    • ICO Cloth Mastery - Healing.png Cloth Mastery - Healing
    • ICO Heal - Enhanced Upgrade.png Heal - Enhanced Upgrade
    • ICO Smite - Enhanced Upgrade.png Smite - Enhanced Upgrade

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