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The strongest monsters in game are known as bosses. They are bigger and have higher stats and skills of great magnitude. Bosses can easily be identified by their massive size and distinct HP bar.


Bosses are the only time of monster native to the extra large size, being almost a mandatory trait. This guarantee they'll be the priority target when other monsters are near them. One important aspect to know about bosses is the fact they have different versions with increasing levels of strength. This can be taken as better stats, additional skills or access to complementary tools.

In combat, bosses display the most telegraphed attacks. This trait is used to give players the information they need to react properly. As a common feature, bosses have the ability to summon minions and deploy traps. Depending on the boss variant it may not be able to use traps or even have a larger roster.

When any boss is defeated it will trigger a slow motion effect to all players in sight. The camera will focus on it for those that are closer to it. Only the top 5 damage parties or players will receive loot from defeating the boss. This distinction depends on the type of boss.

Types of Bosses

Quest Rewards all party members doing the quest with predetermined loot.
Dungeon Finishes the dungeon once defeated, providing its dungeon cubes, EXP and silver proportional to the clear percentage.
Raid Finishes the raid once defeated, applying all rewards to players inside the instance.
Mission Grants EXP and silver once defeated. Has a small chance to drop its own card.
Summoned Can only be summoned if a channel on their map stays active for the required amount of time. Once defeated, the 5 highest damage contributors players will receive cubes.
Card Album Rewards the 5 highest damage contributor parties with either an Enhancement Card - 100 or their respective card.
Field Generates a cube for 5 highest damage contributing players. Field bosses are tied to a specific map and will respawn 2 hours after being defeated.
Demon Lords Grants the 5 highest damage contributing parties a cube. As a special trait, the highest damage party receives a shining version instead. In addition to the damage rewards, two additional cubes are generated for the first and last hit dealt to the demon lord. There are two groups of demon lords that operate individually. Once a demon lord is defeated a new one from its group will arise after 8 hours.
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