ICO Cataphract
Basic Information
Class Tree Swordsman
Class Master Memet Culag
Release Date (kToS) 15/12/2015
Release Date (iToS) 29/03/2016
Korean Spelling 캐터프랙트
Class Characteristics
Type Rider
Primary Damage Strike
Main Weapon Spears
Requires Ground Companion
Stat Distribution
STR 55%
CON 25%
INT 0%
SPR 0%
DEX 20%

Mounted troops are difficult to train and, because of this reason, they receive special treatment from the Kingdom. Masters that serve actively as soldiers are such a case. Mounted troops usually consist of nobilities and aristocrats. Even if they are not an official part of the Royal Army, they are given the same treatment.

Cataphracts are mounted warriors that bravely charge into enemy lines.


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Icon and Outfit

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Skills and Attributes

Unlock Full Level Five Level
Lvl 1
ICO Earth Wave
ICO Impaler
ICO Steed Charge
ICO Acrobatic Mount
ICO Earth Wave - Enhance
ICO Earth Wave - Earth Property
ICO Impaler - Enhance
ICO Steed Charge - Enhance
ICO Acrobatic Mount - Enhance
Lvl 16
ICO Doom Spike
ICO Trot
ICO Doom Spike - Enhance
ICO Doom Spike - Remove Knockdown
Lvl 31
ICO Rush
ICO Rush - Enhance
Class Attributes
ICO Two-handed Spear Mastery - Penetration

Lvl 1 Type Description
ICO Earth Wave
Earth Wave
Strike Gather up power and use your weapon to attack targets by smashing it to the ground.
Deals increased damage to knocked-down enemies.
ICO Impaler
Strike Impale a Small or Medium-sized monster with the spear. Allows you to attack other enemies with the impaled enemy.
Striking down with the impaled enemy triggers a critical attack.
★ If the Sharp Spear buff is active, attacks apply as 2 hits.
ICO Steed Charge
Steed Charge
Strike Charge into the enemy, dealing damage.
You can use the skill again up until 1.5 seconds after casting.
ICO Acrobatic Mount
Acrobatic Mount
Buff Gives a buff that increases the damage of skills that can be used only while riding. SP consumption of riding-only skills is increased.
Buff disappears if dismounted or low on SP.
Lvl 16 Type Description
ICO Doom Spike
Doom Spike
Pierce Strongly stab the enemy with the tip of your spear, decreasing critical resistance.
ICO Trot
Buff Increases your movement speed while riding.
Lvl 31 Type Description
ICO Rush
Slash Spin your spear above your head to inflict damage all around you. Ignores enemy block and applies twice the critical rate to enemies in Fear.
Disables automatic weapon swap for its duration.
Attribute Requirements Max Level Description
Two-handed Spear Mastery - Penetration None 4 Penetrates 10% of an enemy's block chance per attribute level when equipped with a Two-handed Spear.
Penetration increases by 40% when maxed
Earth Wave - Earth Property None 1 Changes the property of Earth Wave to Earth property​.
Increases SP consumption by 10%​
Doom Spike - Remove Knockdown None 1 Removes knockback effect from Doom Spike.
Increases SP consumption by 10%​

Class Relations

Tips and Strategies

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History Log

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