CHAR TempAusrine
Basic Information
Original Spelling Aušrinė
Gender Female
Race Goddess


Role Goddess of the Morning Star
Relatives The Creator
Laima (Sister)
Giltine (Sister)
Saule (Sister)
Lada (Sister)
Zemyna (Sister)
Austeja (Sister)
Dalia (Sister)
Jurate (Sister)
Medeina (Sister)
Allies Kupoles
Enemies Demons
First Appearance Fragments found in Jeromel's Park
Current Location Unknown

Ausrine is the Goddess of the Morning Star and the highest rank of the five major goddesses. After her is Laima, Vakarine, Gabija and Zemyna. She is the one who did an agreement with demons, which consisted in their freedom to wander in the human world as long as nobody is murdered. The agreement broke after Giltine turned the giant tree against the world.

Her Kupoles at the Royal Territory (Jeromel's Park) request the Revelator to gather the fragments of Ausrine in order to know her whereabouts. Nevertheless, Gesti's henchmen (Demon Lord Diena, Deadborn and Dullahan) are behind Ausrine's fragments as well.

Statue of Goddess Ausrine

Orsha owns a statue of Ausrine. Prayers show their gratitude to her for allowing them to see the new day.