ToS AdventureJournal
The Adventure Journal is a player character's progress log in Tree of Savior. It serves to let the player know how much of the game's content he/she has unlocked on a particular character. Progress logs are a rather rare feature in video games in general and having one in an MMORPG is even more rare as MMORPGs are meant to be continually developed instead of being a finished product like most console video games where progress logs are more likely to be found. A progress log in an MMORPG could only be 100% completed for a short time before developers add more content to the game to extend the log.

Accessing the Journal

The default hotkey to access the Adventure Journal is F4. On the Adventure Journal window, players can track how well they're doing overall in the game. Clicking on each tab will reveal how far along they are in collecting loot, killing monsters, crafting items, traversing the world, and the current content.


ToS AdventureJournal2

The Adventure Journal in-game leaderboard

To go along with the Adventure Journal, a leaderboard was implemented to encourage players to compete against each other to unlock everything in the game. The leaderboard also lists the top PVP players on the server, appealing to both PVE and PVP sectors of the playerbase.